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About Saransk

Saransk is a city in the European part of Russia. It is the capital of the Republic of Mordovia and also the political, economic, scientific and cultural center. It is 642 km from Moscow. It is possible to get to Saransk by train, by plane, by car.The most comfortable way to reach the city is by train.

Saransk is one of the biggest and most developed cities in the Volga region. Today Saransk is a large industrial center.It has a number of major enterprises, developed economic and social infrastructures and trade. Industrial activity includes the production of electrical cables, chemical production, textile manufacturing, food processing, machine building, and metallurgy. Saransk also implements a federal program for the construction of a high technology Technopark. The park will be a unique 92 hectares place for scientists, situated on the bank of the Insar River.

Saransk is the scientific centre of theVolga region. There are three universities in the city – Ogarev Mordovia State University, Mordovia M. E. Evsevyev State Pedagogical University, Saransk Branch of Moscow Trade University and many others research institutes.

The one of the social policy priorities of Mordovia is development of mass physical culture, as well as children’s, youth and professional sport. Saransk has several stadiums, swimming-pools, ski lodges, ice rinks, sport complexes, Olympic training centre, indoor BMX-centre and many others sport objects. Saransk was the host city for many sport events, such as Minor Olympic games of the Volga Federal District, summer Russian biathlon championship, Russian tennis championship among individuals, Russian Greco-Roman wrestling championship for youth, World and European ice speedway championship and others. Saransk is also in the list of the cities to hold football matches the World Cup in 2018.

Saransk is also a very neat and comfortable city. It is a four-time winner of the contest “The most comfortable city in Russia”. The city has a large number of buildings remaining from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as modern buildings constructed in recent years.

Saransk is one of the major cultural centers, which developed at the convergence of two cultures – Russian and Finno-Ugric. In 2007 the city hosted the participants of the First International Festival of Finno-Ugric Cultures “Shumbrat, Finno-Ugria!”, which had invaluable significance for cultural relations and cooperation strengthening, integration of Mordovian culture into international cultural space. In 2012 there will be the millennium of Russian and Mordovian natives’solidarity. Saransk will be in the center of grandiose festivals.


A broad network of culture and arts institutions makes the cultural possession of Saransk. State and municipal theatres, a state philharmonic and professional concert groups, republican and municipal museums, mass libraries are among them.

Saransk has several theaters, including The State Puppet Theater of the Republic of Mordovia, The State I.M.Yaushev Music Theatre, The Mordovia National Dramatic Theatre and The Theater of Opera and Ballet.


There are three cinemas in the city. Network of cinema institutions is represented by state institution of culture "Cinema Fund of the Republic of Mordovia" and several cinemas.

The Saransk Regional Museum is dedicated primarily to the history of the city. The Mordovia Museum of Visual Arts in Saransk has an excellent collection of works by Russian masters Stepan Erzia and Feodot Sychkov. The museum has name of Stepan Erzia, the world-wide famous sculptor of XX century.

Considerable experience in organizing festivals, concerts, exhibitions of professional and folk arts has been accumulated in the city. Such annual international festivals as the festival of Russian drama theatres "Compatriots", the festivals of classical music "Bravo, Classics!", "December Divertissements", the festival of jazz music "Veise Jazz" have become traditional.

Saransk has several Orthodox Churches and also a small Lutheran Church provided by the Finnish Lutheran Church. In Saransk there are also three Mosques.


There are many places for leisure in Saransk. Saransk has many restaurants and cafes, which offer dishes of various cuisines – Russian and Mordovian as well as Italian and oriental. There are many clubs, culture and leisure centers and parks.

Saransk transportation consists of buses, trolleybuses, mini vans and taxis. One of the most comfortable way to move around the city is taxi. For RUR 100 (EUR 2.4) you can reach any part of the city.

Here you can see the telephone numbers of taxi in Saransk. Please note that we provide local telephone numbers. To make an international call please dial +78342.

MoTor tel. 270-070, 33-91-91
008 tel. 008, 245-245, 24-60-67, 24-04-99
Cabriolet tel. 55-55-55, 24-44-45, 240-400
Green City tel. 47-00-00, 48-09-90
750–750 tel. 750-750, 75-59-63, 75-56-20
32–90–90 tel. 32-90-90, 29-18-85, 23-25-00, 23-25-01
058 tel. 058, 356-356, 35-18-00
Lori GAS tel. 006, 386-006
Sputnik tel. 38-00-00, 270-270, 232-232
Autostyle tel. 23-03-03
Voyage tel. 48-05-05, 35-09-09, 35-09-90
Kangaroo tel. 350-350, 350-118, 35-15-65
Avantgarde tel. 24-22-24, 29-19-90, 29-19-99
Express tel. 22-00-22
Seven tel. 470-470

We look forward to seeing you in Saransk!